Diana Page is an abstract painter who works across the modes of painting drawing and performance in South Africa, Istanbul, Turkey and beyond.   She has her studio on the Bosphorus in Istanbul and is best known for her large, gestural and colourful oil paintings that evoke a sense of place. In South Africa, she became well known for her inventive paintings of the city and harbour of Cape Town, alongside her charcoal and mixed media drawings. Since moving to Istanbul, she has also staged performances and worked in video and digital drawing and animation.

"Drawing is fundamental to me, a way of being in the world. In the studio I work on multiple pieces, simultaneously, in both large and small formats, exploring new possibilities from apparently disparate ideas and images. Some of the paintings become densely layered, travelling further away from the initial source. Others happen more immediately, like drawings on canvas. My emotional response, rather than descriptive intention,  is revealed in energetic mark making and colour atmospheres that emerge in the painting process."


Work on show

Women in Art Fair, 11-15th October, Mall Galleries SW1, London
The Other Art Fair, Truman Brewery, London 12-15th October

Buyukdere 35 Gallery, Bogazkesen Cadessi, Beyoglu, Istanbul, Turkey
Nel on Long, Cape Town, South Africa
PAGE BY PAGE a limited edition reproduction of the sketchbooks of Diana Page, designed and hand bound by Lucy Stuart Clark.