Diana Page, a South African artist, discovered her passion for the arts at an early age. Growing up alongside her mother, Lindsay Page, a well-known South African landscape painter, she was immersed in a creative environment which sparked her artistic journey and set the foundation for her future endeavours.

After initially enrolling to study Drama, Diana decided to pursue her true calling in Fine Art. She completed her undergraduate BA Honours (Fine Art and Art History) at the University of Natal, Pietermaritzburg. Her thirst for artistic exploration led her to travel and work in Europe. Later she went on to pursue a Masters in Fine Arts (Painting) at Rhodes University, Grahamstown. She also obtained a post-graduate secondary Education degree at the University of Cape Town. Subsequently, her teaching positions included Head of Painting and Acting Vice Principal at the Ruth Prowse School of Art, Cape Town.

Diana's artistic influences stem from a wide range of sources. Throughout her journey, she has found inspiration in conversations, films, fellow painters, and writers. Her extensive exploration of painting throughout her life has led her to admire artists such as Pierre Bonnard, Leon Kossoff, Richard Diebenkorn, Joan Mitchell, Basquiat, De Stael, Lynette Yiadom-Boakye, Jennifer Packer, and Alice Neel. Their works, which blend abstraction and realism, resonate with Diana's artistic philosophy. Diana's artistic influences are diverse and draw from both her South African and Turkish experiences. South Africa is where she became a painter and developed her unique artistic voice. Cape Town, her adult home, provided her with a rich source of inspiration, including the urban landscape, the harbour, and the industrial areas. These elements, combined with the wild landscapes she explored during road trips, influenced her artistic vision. The revolutionary and intense social and political moment in South Africa, further shaped her artistic expression.

Over time, Diana's work has evolved, shifting towards abstraction and reflecting her exploration of place, home, and belonging. Drawing holds a fundamental place in her creative process. Some of her paintings evolve into densely layered abstractions, while others retain a more immediate and spontaneous quality, reminiscent of drawings on canvas.

Throughout her career, Diana has exhibited her work extensively and has participated in significant events and collaborations. A proud moment was her involvement in a collaborative community project, where she played a significant role in designing carpets for the Judges' Chambers of South Africa's New Constitutional Court. In 2008 she directed the second in a trilogy of city based rooftop performances titled "Pitch Blue" in Brooklyn, NYC after which she listened to the performers share their profound experiences of working on this improvised piece.

Recently, Diana experienced the gratifying opportunity of hearing writers Alex Dodd and Julia Martin discuss her work from diverse perspectives at the 'Walking on a Rim of Light' exhibition held at IS Gallery in Cape Town. She also collaborated with her partner, Mark Muller, a poet and fellow adventurer, on a poetry anthology that features drawings selected from her extensive collection of sketchbooks. Her recent book publications stand as testaments to her creative journey.

Diana's work has been showcased in various prestigious venues. The recent touring exhibition 'Walking on a Rim of Light' brought together her artistic trajectory, spanning South Africa and Turkey, interweaving the different strands of her art practice, including drawing, performance, and painting. Notably, the tour featured a museum show at Oliewenhuis in Bloemfontein. Another noteworthy exhibition, 'Trans-Idyllic,' curated by Lewis Johnson in Istanbul, drew connections between Diana's work and esteemed artists like Bonnard, Matisse, and post-modern painters such as Sigmar Polke. Furthermore, 'Akıs Flow,' curated by Jochen Proehl at Bahcesehir University Gallery BAUART, presented the flow of Diana's work through a captivating digital presentation of her numerous sketchbooks alongside her paintings. These accomplishments and exhibitions have solidified Diana Page's reputation as an artist who continually explores new artistic territories, engages with diverse creative mediums, and inspires others through her evocative works. 

Diana's work is driven by her love for the world and her desire to create meaningful connections with viewers. She continues to explore new possibilities, blending her influences and experiences into vibrant, thought-provoking artworks. Her themes encompass the transformative power of art, the exploration of unknown cities, the concept of rewilding, and the interpretation of spaces. Diana Page's artistic journey is characterized by a profound connection to the world and its exploration.