Art Wonderers Online Course


Do you want to reboot your creative mojo for 2021? If 2020 taught us anything, it is that the world needs art and that making art is good for you!

In 2016 I pioneered Drawing with the Wondering Artist, as an online drawing course launched via skype.  In  2020, the Art Wonderers became a way of life.

The Art Wonderers gather, from a multiplicity of spaces around the globe.  Each group of Wonderers uses the grid to get off the grid, to wonder, explore and make stuff together. The course takes on a life and energy of its own fuelled by the curiosity, input and mutual support of everyone there.

The Art Wonderers  provides a safe space for you to make stuff in your pyjamas with friends.

Interested?  The 2021 course is now underway. 

   In 2021 the Art Wonderers offers so much more than just a drawing course.  Drawing is working on paper, how, when and with what you like. And that’s the whole point! Finding out what you like, and how you like to draw and make stuff will determine what you really  learn in this course.
Watching and sharing with your fellow Wonderers as you experiment with the ideas presented in the weekly projects, will take you through a kaleidoscope of drawing possibilities.

Experiment and discover how to make these your own. Whether it’s the precision of fine drawing in pen, the child-like fun of cut and paste in collage, drawing with paint and colour on paper (yes, that’s still drawing) or the endlessly variable possibilities of drawing apps, you will get a chance to play with them all.

 While you are finding out about what truly makes you tick, you will also be learning how to make compositions that sing! How to be both precise and playful in the science and mystery of colour mixing, mark making and, learning to notice, to see and to observe.

Want to do something creative?   Do you have a dream to write a book, start a painting, make a coat, design a garden?  Or perhaps you are wanting to think about your life and the world in a new way? Or you are on a creative path but just need to check-in for a bit of extra support now and then?
Everyone is creative: discover what kind of creative person you are: scattershot creativity vs routine? Structured vs organic? Methodical or intuitive? Haptic or visually minded? This will determine how you like to make stuff, and also help you find new ways to develop your own creativity.

3 Principles to live by during the course:
 Risk and fail often.  The Art Wonderers course is NOT about achieving perfect likenesses. Fast forward failure as a way of learning.  Rediscover that child like joy of making stuff with your hands again. 

Play.  Lose yourself in the joy of your own process. Learn how to make compositions that sing!
Enjoy creative community.  Share your process and chat and collaborate with fellow creatives from across the world. Explore and discover how other artists have seen the world and made art, as a way of enlarging and enlivening your own.

Play and display
Here is a non-judgmental space where you can share ideas and the work you are doing when you feel ready to do so. In your Wonderers group you will receive the benefits of a personal art teacher AND a small group workshop drawn from an international community.
Here you are free to discuss anything that might have come up for you in the week’s project, or in your creative journey.
 A Whatsapp group for sharing ideas or images is also a possibility.  
Above all have fun!
Take half an hour out your day, turn off your phone, ignore your emails…just for you to PLAY! This course is NOT about painstaking pencil drawing, or creating perfect likenesses. This course is about getting back to the childlike joy of having fun with different and sometimes messy materials.  
We all create differently so you can choose how you structure this into your days and week. Are you an early riser or a night owl? Would you like to put your half hours into one rainy Saturday afternoon? No commuting time to factor into your schedule but if you still want to get out of the house then why not take your art kit along to your favourite coffee bar and play there?
You need to dedicate half an hour a day for play or the equivalent over the course of a week (with one day off if you like). 

Each week I will send you a project inspired by the work of a few artists:
Week one: Talismans of Joy. How to think on paper. Cut and paste. Inspired by "The Red Wheelbarrow" by William Carlos Williams. 
Week two and three: Soup it up! How to fast forward failure.  (inspired by Andy Warhol’s soup can series, Basquiat and Banksy among others.)
Week four: Colour your world (Matisse, Morandi, Lynette Yiadom Mboake, Jennifer Packer)
Week five: Find the elf in the wall (Marlene Dumas, Cecily Brown, Gerhard Richter, Lee Krasner)
Week six: To love and to cherish (Frida Kahlo, Grayson Perry)

Here is what a couple of the Wonderers had to say about 6 weeks of coming together as fellow creatives, making and connecting through the world wide web.

Love that it offered opportunity for everyone from beginners to advanced & experienced artists… You could just start where you are and take it as it goes.
I loved the international component. That added the most amazing dimensions—global context encompassing different nations, geographies, climates, time zones and perspectives—so wonderful.  To encounter ....... strangers on the other side of the globe; to discover commonalities, respect differences and glimpse particular passions….  Fantastic. 
Henrietta, Boston

 I can’t imagine a better way of (re)energising/realising your creative mojo, and at the same time meeting and really getting to know a fascinating group of creative people from all over the world utilising the wonders of modern technology .
 Can’t recommend highly enough – just do it!

Hugh, Cape Town