Publications (selected)
Art Times, March 2022, "Walking on a rim of Light", Oliewenhuis Art Museum
Robyn Sassen, March 2019, review of Shearwater/Yelkovan
EvTurkish, May 2019, review of Shearwater/Yelkovan
Daily Sabah, April 2017, Expat Spotlight: Yabangee
Exhibist online, March 2015, interviewed by Ozlem Ozdemir
Trendsetter magazine, March 2015, “Dunyanin Merkezi: Istanbul” by Naz Cuguoglu
Weekend Argus, Cape Town, July 2012, “South African Artist connects with Istanbul landscape” by Yazeed Kamaldien
Hurriyet Daily News, January 2011 - “South African Artist Depicts Merging Moments in Istanbul”
Time-Out, Istanbul, December 2009 - Profile by Ayse Sahin
Instyle Home, Turkey, April 2009, by Yesim Nur
New York Times, April 2005 - “Review: Imprints: Axis Gallery”
by Holland Cotter
Radio & TV
SAFM Radio, August 2005 - Interviewed on “Otherwise” 
Bush Radio, July 2003 - Interview
MNET, January 2001 - “Kunskafee”
Fine Music Radio, January 2001 & April 2001 - Interview
SAFM Radio, August 1998 -  Interviewed on “Women Today”
Fine Music Radio, August 1998 -  Interview - “Boudoir Biscuits”
SABCTV News, December 1997 - Featured project, Boudoir Biscuits at MCQP
MNET, Winter, 1997 - Interviewed on “Tretchikoff”
SABCTV, October 1996 -  Interviewed on “Links” Arts Programme
Fine Music Radio, October 1996 -  Interview on “Feeling the Spaces” solo exhibition